What is Slab Sawing?

Concrete slab sawing—also known as flat sawing—is a quick and efficient diamond method used for cutting horizontal surfaces such as concrete slabs, floors, bridge decks, and pavement. Slab sawing gained popularity in the concrete cutting industry because it is versatile, practical, and cost efficient. Slab saws are typically powered by gasoline, diesel, electric, or hydraulic engines. Compared to jack hammering, slab sawing is faster, quieter, and less stressful to structural areas. The applications for slab sawing are virtually endless, and the procedure can be performed on a variety of structures, both indoors and outdoors.

Common Applications for Slab Sawing:

  • Cutting reinforced concrete floors
  • Cutting expansion and control joints
  • Cutting sidewalks
  • Controlled demolition
  • Cutting plumbing and electrical trenches in slabs
  • Construction of structural foundations
  • Road and street repairs
  • Residential and commercial improvements
  • Broken water pipe and sewer line repair
  • Highway patching