What is Wire Sawing?

Wire sawing is a quick, efficient, and economical concrete cutting solution. Wire sawing is the ideal concrete cutting solution for structures that are too large or unwieldy for traditional saw cutting. When it is impractical or impossible to saw through heavily reinforced concrete, hard metals, steel, or even rock—Eastern Cutting relies on this relatively new method to save both time and money. Wire saw systems rely on a series of guided pulleys to draw a continuous loop of diamond impregnated wire through otherwise impenetrable material. This technology creates any desired shape or directional cut with ease. Wire saw systems are flexible—suitable for use in confined spaces and limited access areas—while retaining the ability to cut vertically, horizontally, or on an angle. Wire saws can even be used underwater! No concrete structure is too large to cut with a wire saw. Faster cutting times and low noise output make wire sawing the perfect solution when conventional cutting methods fall short.

Wire Sawing Experience

By using state-of-the art wire sawing technology, and advanced concrete cutting techniques, Eastern Concrete’s skilled saw operators easily slice through walls and slabs of any thickness.